Studio News

All of us associated with Wonderland Studios have had another busy year -- writing and pitching songs, providing artist development to some great new artists/bands, playing a lot of instruments, Tim "Tank" has done a bit of touring, we've been spending time with family and friends and working with so many great Texas bands/artists in the studio. We've also been doing a lot of Mastering for artists, storytellers, recording engineers and various companies from all over the world. Also, Eric (being an multi-instrumentalist) has been providing tracks to studios and artists all over the map.

We've also had the pleasure of working with many previous clients on various brand new projects. As well as working on a lot of interesting voice-overs, educational products, political ads and composing music for a lot of projects for schools, jingles (radio ads), video games, TV/Web-series, audio books, web-advertising etc. It's another productive year doing what we love -- audio-related projects and music!

However, time keeps flying by when you're having fun... And we don't always keep this news page as updated as we should. But certainly feel free to view our social media pages for more current studio news and happenings.

Over the years, we've worked with some great artists, songwriters, bands, producers and companies. We've worked with such folks as Brooklyn James, Highway Sisters, Juliana Murphy, Phil Lemon, Julip, Mark McKinney, Bri Bagwell, Armadillo Road, Colin Gilmore, Lloyd Maines, Preston Scott, Ben Baxter Band, Shawn Fussell, Buckshot Bradley, Ryan Bales Band, The New Time, Chris Brazeal Band, Tom Meny, Ronnie Jackson, Rick Kelly, Andrea Fiebelkron, Desinence, Slightly Legal, Blood Of Patriots, Stooch, The Instigators, Radio Fallout, Triverse, The Road, Evin Brady, John Hudson, Dominic Cours, Travis Barrow, Rich Cutcher, David Barr, Rye Mountain Revelry, Food Safety Admin, TCM Publishing, Randall Beans, Edge Marketing etc.

Some of these projects have wrapped and others are on-going. We'll try to provide updates on some of these down the line and/or as they progress. We try to stay somewhat on top of updating this NEWS section of our website or updating some quick blurbs on our studio facebook, instagram or twitter pages, but it's often hard to stay up to date when things get so darn busy. Thanks for understanding.

"World In Between," is a startlingly revolutionary Texas country album that shows a country artist in his prime... the album, which was produced by the artist and his brother Eric McKinney at Austin's Wonderland Studios, is not to be BJ Jones -