Wonderland Studios -- Buda, TX, (Suburb of Austin, Texas)

* Mastering - After many years of being a part of countless mastering sessions and learning many tips and techniques from some of the best Mastering Engineers in the business, Wonderland Studios started offering mastering to select clients at a very competitive price (our standard $30/hr rate), saving many of our clients hundreds of dollars. Almost every song you hear on the radio has been mastered. Your CD just isn't ready for release until it's been mastered. Mastering adds such important items as increased overall volume, clarity and punch, balanced EQ to help your mixes translate better across various "real-world" speakers and systems, more consistent volume from song to song, cohesiveness to the whole project to help all mixes fit together on a given release, spacing and/or cross-fades from one song to the next, and even metadata embedded into the music files etc. Mastering a music release is especially important now that people listen on a myriad of devices (stereos, cars, phones, computers, earbuds etc). We often deliver the final mastered product via DDP files to manufacturers such as DiscMakers, CD Baby, Tunecore etc. DDP stands for "Disc Description Protocol", a proprietary format developed by DCA, Inc. DDP files are used when sending music to a CD manufacturer. DDP files allow you to set all of the parameters for the CD such as the exact gap between each song, the cross fades and other information. A DDP file allows the producer and mastering engineer to have complete control over all parameters for the CD, therefore it is recommended for critical applications when you have very specific artistic needs for the production. See Our Team link for further information about available mastering engineers for your project.

* Recording Services at our studio - We've recorded projects with hundreds of artists/bands, worked closely with freelance engineers and producers from independent to label releases, worked with many mastering engineers and been involved with audio-music productions for such projects as voice-overs for educational products, corporate training projects, video/media projects aired on Austin Music Network, ME Television, YouTube Channels and Film Festivals, Radio & corporate video presentations etc. We've been involved with creative aspects of many projects and the development/production of radio jingles/ads and ID's. We can deliver masters on CD, DAT, DDP or directly upload audio projects/files via email links, google drive or to the clients specified FTP address. On many occasions files are provided on firewire or USB drives, or we often use file-sharing services such as Hightail or Dropbox to provide files. Our standard rate for recording services is $30/hr.

* Production Services - We've taken on the role of producer with many projects we've been involved with or recorded. In this capacity, we become extremely involved with every aspect of the project, all recording aspects, performances, instrumentation layers, song selection, project budget etc. Unlike many studios, we don't charge extra for producing a project. We're already most likely involved in the recording process, therefore we include this service if requested by the client.
Please see the Our Team link for further information about available engineers/producers for your project.

* Off-Site Recording - We started offering this service several years back due to a number of clients asking if we could record a live show and corporate clients needing off-site and field recordings. Our rate is $250 travel/set-up/tear-down charge (covers anywhere in Austin - Travis County, Hays County), plus our hourly rate of $30/hr for the duration of time that we are at the venue recording. This standard package includes up to 16 tracks simultanously recorded. Transfer time to transfer audio from our remote system to the studio system and studio mixing time is billed at our standard hourly rate of $30/hr.

* Artist Development/Management - There are select clients that we've provided consultation or assisted with additional aspects of their career over the years. An overview of additional services and some of those clients are shown on our sister-company/site - Texas Time Artist Services. Artist development really encompasses everything that needs to happen to make sure that an artist or band is successful and actually gains attention and momentum. It includes such items as publicity, creative marketing, booking, web development, radio promotion, live performance aspects, material selection, recording/production aspects, sound career advice, product development and more. Every band or artist is unique and requires different customized plans, consultation and development. Due to such factors as time-constraints, we have to be very selective of artists we take on in this capacity and it requires a long-term customized plan in close coordination with the artist to work towards the desired results and goals we set together. If you or your project are interested in this service, let us know and we'll talk it through in more detail.

* Guitar Lessons or Audio Engineering/Production Lessons - Guitar lessons are $30/hr, and we'll work with any level of student. Engineering/Production lessons are also taught at the studio with the hands-on approach, so the student can learn in a real studio environment, physically touching the recording console, gear, computers and various recording software packages and learning as we work through projects and actual recording tasks. These lessons also start at $30/hr.

* Musician Services - Do you need someone to play guitar (acoustic, electric, slide), drums, bass, organ, percussion, sing background vocals? What about programming drums or special effects or adding some piano, keyboards or strings to your song? Basically, whatever additional musicianship is needed for a project, we've got you covered. We have a lot of contacts throughout the Austin music scene, and we're also musicians, and we can find the right performer for the job. Each musician usually charges a little bit different rate. Many of our studio musician friends will cut their typical rates (special deals) for working with us on another project. If we (the engineer/producer) play on the track, there is no additional musician fee (the only charge is our studio time). In the past, we even launched - StudioGuitarTracks.com, a website where we offered tracks/specific instrumentation for clients all over the world. We've played on tracks for clients from 25 different countries. We still offer those services, but we're currently re-designing that website.

Email: WonderlandStudios@gmail.com

Phone: 512-587-5823 (Phone off during sessions, please email for fastest response)