Wonderland Studios - Rates

Our standard rate is $30/hr

However, it's best to contact us to discuss a rate for your project. Due to various factors about each individual project, the studio may be able to offer a reduced rate. Just give us a call or email to discuss some options. We're musicians and understand project budgets. It may take us a few business days to get back in touch (we're a busy private studio).

Our basic standard rate of $30/hr includes the use of the studio which includes at least one of our engineers, access to all of the equipment and instruments/amps on site. If needed, additional musician services by engineers Eric McKinney and/or Tim Casterline are usually also included in this rate. Eric or Tim also offer their production (producer) services on projects as part of the packaged rate.

The studio is also available for select freelance engineers and producers. If you're a freelance engineer/producer wanting to bring in a project or if an engineer is already secured for your project, we can possibly work out a reduced rate. However, with us being a private studio facility we are selective of projects and engineers/producers that may work in our studio facility, and reserve the right to refuse services to any person or project.

Contact us at: (512) 587-5823